Children's Wellbeing in light of COVID-19

23rd March 2021

In light of the current situation, the Office of the Commissioner for Children would like to urge those trusted with the upbringing of children to protect and promote the wellbeing of all children at all times. This is indeed a difficult time for all however, we would like to encourage everyone to follow instructions being provided by the Authorities.


We should all practise social distancing in order to protect those who are vulnerable and to reduce the spread of the virus. This may be particularly challenging for those who have young children, care for the elderly or share parental custody. However, it is extremely important that we do not expose children to unnecessary risk by keeping children at home as much as possible. This does not mean that we should be left isolated. Thanks to technology, children can still remain in contact with grandparents, who are also considered to be vulnerable, as well as other parents who have shared custody.


The Office of the Commissioner for Children would also like to urge parents/carers to support children in this stressful time. We can help reduce children’s anxiety by listening to their concerns and giving them the love and attention they need. We should provide them with facts about what is happening and give them clear information about how risks can be reduced.


We can all make a difference and if we support each other, we will get through this. In case of difficulty do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help by calling 179. Young people may also contact