Manifesto for Children 2022

1st March 2022

The Office of the Commissioner for Children has launched a Manifesto for Children 2022. This Manifesto for Children has been sent to Political Parties with the aim of urging them to give due priority to children’s rights and to include concrete measures in their electoral proposals. The Manifesto for children highlights the gaps identified by the interim-report on the implementation of

the National Children’s Policy which was based on a large number of focus groups carried out with


The Manifesto was drawn up in collaboration with the Office’s Youth Advisors and highlights the key issues relating to the Home Environment; Social Wellbeing; Health and Environment; Education and Employment; and Leisure and Culture. The Manifesto also includes 5 key guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of children in political and electoral campaigns. The Manifesto for children is available on the Office website and will also be distributed in the coming days.