Rights 4U 2023

29th August 2023

The Office of the Commissioner for Children once again organised its annual live-in ‘Rights 4U’ after a three-year break due to COVID-19. This live-in is organised as part of the BeSmartOnline! Initiative* with the aim of creating awareness about Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment.

The live-in, which took place over three days at Manresa House in Gozo, brought together 51 young people between the ages of 13 and 15. The participants come from different State, Church and Independent Schools in Malta and Gozo.
The interactive programme addressed various issues such as online privacy, cyber-bullying, hate speech and creating an online/offline balance. It also gave the participants the opportunity to engage in discussions about their rights and to provide insights about the challenges they face.
Throughout the three days, the participants also developed critical thinking skills and built social ties based on mutual respect.

This event was opened by Ms Antoinette Vassallo, Commissioner for Children. She welcomed the participants and encouraged them to make the most of this event and to share their ideas and experiences. The Commissioner, who was present throughout, informed the participants that together with her members of staff, the Office will be listening to all their concerns and suggestions.
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*The BeSmartOnline! Initiative brings together the Foundation for Social Welfare services, the Office of the Commissioner for Children, the Ministry for Education and Employment and the Malta Police Force. This initiative has been ongoing since 2010 and is cofunded by the European Commission. For more information on the safe use of the internet you may call supportline 179 or visit www.besmartonline.org.mt.