World Children's Day 2023

20th November 2023

The 20th of November marks World Children’s Day a day dedicated to all children. On this day, we celebrate the many achievements made in ensuring that children have access to their rights as well as continue to advocate for those children whose rights are not being guaranteed.
This year is a particularly special year since the Office of the Commissioner for Children is also commemorating its 20th Anniversary. In order to mark this occasion, the Commissioner for Children is launching a creative competition.

This competition aims to empower and encourage all children between the ages of 5 and 16 to have their say and to voice their ideas, opinions and concerns regarding their rights in the form of a poem, short story or a picture.

The Commissioner would like to understand what makes children happy and how adults can make children’s lives better. Children are being asked to submit entries relating to the following themes: children’s right to be happy and healthy; children’s right to be cared for; children’s right to be safe from harm; children’s right to play and children’s right to be heard.

The Commissioner will be giving a prize to the top three entries from each category. For more information regarding the competition visit you may also contact the Office on 21485180.

On the occasion of World Children’s day, the Office is supporting and encouraging schools to organise school-based activities. Over 50 schools will be participating. The Office will also be distributing publications to all children in Kinder 2, Year 1 and Year 4. These publications aim to create awareness about children’s rights.

A video to celebrate World Children’s Day has also been produced together with a group of young people and will be distributed in all schools and promoted on social media.